Thursday, September 4, 2008

My letter is ......

Message: Now you opened you should repost this within 10 minutes or you'll be cursed forever in your life. You should pick what are you feeling today...
a- Bored
b- Sad
c- heart broken
d- Cool
e- just fine
f- wanna cry
g- Wanna kill myself
h- wanna kick someone else's butt
i- Afraid
j- Frustrated
k- Feeling Fresh
l- Thinking about someone
m- broke up with your Bf/GF
n- In love
o- Worried
p- Pale
q- Can't help myself
r- Outta control
s- Feeling sexy
t- Wanna say I love you but afraid to..
u- wanna slap enemies!
v- Wanna buy and sell things
w- Feeling Beautiful
x- Want to kiss someone
y- Want to jump off a building
z- Speechless
Now repost this say:
'My letter is"__"

Pilih mana-mana huruf, tiada apa yang akan berlaku pun....HAHAHAHA

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